Mixed Media (paintings & linens)

Charlotte's Web detailCharlotte's WebHumbleGraceImagination of JestersImagination of Jesters (detail)Nests of ForgivenessNests of Forgiveness (detail)Dear Hildafor EmilyBlue Collar with LaceBlue Collar with PearlBlue Collar with Pearl (detail)Untitled: hankieFamily CircleFamily Circle with ButtonFamily Circle (detail)Legacy 2Fading and ForgivenFamily PatternsFamily Patterns (detail)No More SecretsNo More Secrets 2ResurrectionLegacyLegacy (detail)

I create intimate environments through the use of little girl dresses and vintage linens to recreate a personal history per my own distorted memories. Through the meditative process of hand sewing, the push and pull of threads, the layering of secrets, poetry, panties, collars, doilies and buttons. . .It is my intention to express issues of identity, family secrets and the dynamics of women.  I hope for the viewer to be pushed emotionally.  Or not.




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