Mixed Media & Assemblage

Prose by Robbinshis SolitudeNo One Keeping Score (detail)Left-handed Secret (detail)Left-handed SecretDoor Number 3 (detail)Door Number 3Conversations with Bones & Barbed Wire (detail)Conversations with Bones & Barbed WireDeconstructed HaikuConversations with Bones & Barbed Wire IIOne Step Forward (detail)One Step Forward
Brenda’s work investigates the texture of social relationships, family secrets and identity through painting, poetry and travel.   In her exhibition Assemblage & Narrative: A conversation with bones & barbed wire the artist uses a variety of found objects to stitch, scratch and paint her way to memory or happenstance, to questions and answers, and who really waits behind door number three?  Prose by Robbins and his Solitude were part of the Odes & Offerings exhibit (Spring 2012/Santa Fe Community Gallery) where each artist was paired with a local poet and asked to use text from the poem in the art work.  Part of the Santa Fe Poet Laureate program with Joan Logghe.


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