Passing through the Visible - in Private Collection Abstract 1 Transition - in Private CollectionAbstract 3Not Black Not White - in Private CollectionAbstract 2 - In Private CollectionAbstract: Blue Circle - In Private CollectionUntitled: Window 3the Stair - In Private CollectionBlue Dot - In Private CollectionMountain of Compassion - In Private CollectionUntitled: Window - In Private Collection
When I began painting after college I struggled with using too much. Color.  Even when I consciously tried to limit my palette I thought oh maybe a little of this. . .or this. . .and a whole lot of mud.  Since I love taking photos I decided to use my own images as a place to begin.  I created a series of paintings over photo transfers. At the end of this body of work (Postcards from Zancudo, Virtu Gallery/Anchorage ’07)  I was essentially covering up the photo entirely and so began my leap into painting without the aid of photographs.  That said I love taking photos, especially when I travel.  After you browse through my paintings please check out the “painterly photo” gallery.

All works available for purchase unless marked “in private collection”.  If in Santa Fe please contact me for a studio visit.  Welcome and by appointment.  Thank you and enjoy.



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